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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Software House Canada is the premier and leading company in Custom Software Development in all of Canada. Our service is second to none and provide only the utmost superior software development, database integration, CMS and CRM systems and many more software services!

Our agency provides you with top of the country Custom Software Development. Supplying your business with the essentials you need in order to design and maintain your Custom software, create the perfect framework, code the software and provide security measurements to be ready for deployment. SHC provides a custom and highly flexible experience for your comfortability, needs and expectations. Our team of software engineers, consisting of highly trained experts with years of experience in the field create the best mobile applications, websites, e-commerce sites, platforms and CMS systems to date and were only scratching the surface of our services. Whatever your business needs and wants we can provide the perfect plan to a software that will attract customers and potential prospects.

In our application development process, we also provide comprehensive quality assurance in the built system. We also provide on-demand QA and a suite of functional and usability software tests upon request. 


Our Software Engineers are Experts at these Systems:

Our Products

Travel Tours & Online Booking Software

We build Travels Tours & Online Booking Software,

Hotel Booking Software

We specialized in Hotel, Motel, Restaurant booking software.

Education, Training, Coaching Software

We have delivered Colleges, Universities, Education, Training and Coaching schools web application

Real Estate, Home Builders Software

Looking for custom software for real estate and home builders, we are here to help you.

Custom CMS & CRM Software

We build custom CMS, CRM software for your need.

Email Marketing / Blogging Software

We build email marketing and blogging software to enhance your business.

Industrial Custom Software

If you are looking for a custom software for your business, industrial area, we are here to build for you.

Marketing & Advertisement Software

We develop and build marketing and advertisement portal to promote your business.