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Website Testing & QA

Website Testing and Quality Assurance

Our Experience and Capabilities:

At Software House Canada we put a ton of effort on our websites to ensure your receiving the best product for your business. With tons ofWebsite Testing hours of work put into our websites were bound to run into a couple of errors. Our bug analysis and Website Testing team works hard day in and out with our web design team testing and running sites. Both on mobile or online, our multiple step by step process makes sure your customers have the smoothest browsing and shopping experience online. Our website testing team makes sure you get your hands early on our product and test drive the site yourself. We make sure your satisfied with our results before releasing the product to your clients.

Quality Assurance is one of our highest priorities and our detailed plan called PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) is our way of making sure your website is crystal clear and clean. Plan is the first step of our website testing process. Running in like headless chickens isn’t our thing, Software House Canada lays out a detailed framework and plans to you to make sure what our goal and aim is with this website. Do is our execution and draft phase. We work extensively to create our result to make sure we have the entire body and functions working. Check is where we begin our polish. By running multiple tests on each page to track down flaws, broken functions, glitches and security measures we can begin  to deep clean your website. Act is our final phase and its part of all the deep cleaning we do to properly prep your website for deployment.


Our best practices of QA System is as follows:

  1. Security Testing & Front-end performance Testing
  2. Back-end Performance Testing & Cross-browser Testing
  3. RoR (Ruby on Rails) Specific Testing & Testing of best practices in Code 

Here is and example of Website Testing Work:

Calgary Limousine