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Got a project? Count us in! 

Software House Canada offers the top of the line IT project management services for your businesses and companies. Our team filled withIt project management years of expieriance and service in the industry is one of Canada’s finest teams in the service. For all technology based projects our team is ready for all and any challenge you send us. Mobile apps, websites, web apps our team led by Kamal Bhattarai will satisfy and exceed your plans. Undertsanding your goals and expectations then executing our process and plans coordinating with stake holders is important to us. Call us today for a free consultation or start your very own project.

IT Project Management Process 

Define: Defining your project is the first step to our process. In order for our team to start working on a project we need a clear view and on your needs and wants. We need to scope our project before we take any action. 

Plan:Once we have a clear understanding on the goal at hand its time for us to take our first few steps. Planning and brain storming all our possible ways we can approach our project. Creating our wireframes and sitemap for maximum efficiency. As well as carefully allocating manpower, resources and budgets.  

Design: Designing your own unique and personalized product. Customers love a breath of fresh air and creating a unique product with its own orginal design and functions happens here. 

Execution: All behind the scenes and hardwork comes in this set. From Coding to writing and bug fixing our team makes sure we follow all the steps  beforehand to create your product. 

Close: Once all previous steps have been completed our team is ready to send it out to the public. Product deployment comes here and as well as sales and marketing. Continious and daily maintenance as well to keep your product fresh and functional. 

Example of our IT Project Management: 

Madney Digital Services